FL350 All-Terrain Vehicle Overview

1985 Honda Odyssey FL350

Following the immense popularity of the FL250 Honda released the Odyssey FL350 ATV in early 1985, although originally intended for spring 1984. The FL350R featured many improvements including a more powerful 342 cc engine, rear suspension featuring a diagonal link and hydraulic shocks and a variable pitch torque converter transmission with neutral and reverse gears. From the picture you can see that the FL350 was an overall larger ATV with more of a dune buggy or mini sand-rail looks.


Honda Odyssey FL350

The original marketing material below shows some of the many features and upgrades with the FL350. Full specs are listed below.

Honda FL350 Specs

1985 FL350 Features

Original Honda Odyssey FL350 Specifications

Problems With The FL350

Problems with the FL350 led to a recall that resulted in a reduced engine size of 329cc. Overall there were many issues with the design of the FL350 that led to its short one year run. Honda decided to completely re-work the model. Four years later they released the Pilot FL400 to replace the FL350.