Honda Odyssey FL250 (1982, 1983, 1984) + 1985 FL350

Like the terms Go Kart / Cart many people search online for the Honda Odyssey Dune Buggy. What they are actually referring to could be several different Honda Odyssey ATV models. The three common options are listed below.


1984 Honda Odyssey FL250 with Roll Cage

The original FL250 featured a rear bar behind the driver similar to street go karts however was capable of speeds up to 50mph. Combined with the lack of a true rear suspension and feverous off-road usage amongst owners, it was highly susceptible to rollover. In response to this Honda added a full roll cage in 1982 which brought the FL250 closer to dune buggy status.

Honda Odyssey Dune Buggy

The Honda Odyssey FL250 brought to market in 1985 however is more of true dune buggy. With its wider stance, more powerful engine, full roll cage and rear suspension it is capable of speeds up to 55mph with the frame to support it. Issues with sustainability led to a recall and the eventual complete redesign of the model. It was taken off the market after only one year.

Consumers would not see another Honda dune buggy until 1989 with the FL400 Pilot. This ATV was much more capable with a 400cc water cooled motor and advanced long travel front and rear suspension. However with speeds up to 75mph it led to many injuries and deaths related to crashes and Honda discontinued the model after only two years of production.